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With every passing year, more advanced technology becomes available, which is why your supplier needs to be proactive. Electrical Cable Protection using CharCoat CC Cable Coating is the future in this capacity. Whether it is Data, LV, MV or HV cable, CharCoat CC will protect your cables from flame spread, while actually “Fire Rating” the cables or cable bundles up to 90 minutes.

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For over 20 years we have seen a multitude of firestopping products enter the market, and soon after disappear. But the constant Cable Penetration Seals, or Firestopping always reverts back to fire rated mortars, fire rated panels and fire rated Sealants, and of course the trusty fire rated collars.

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Our Projects

Projects completed with the CharCoat range of products consist of Powerstations, Mines, Smelters, warehousing, sugar mills, paper mills, petrochemical plants, low-rise and high-rise residences, office buildings and so many more. For a full list of projects under the CharCoat brand (and others), please contact our office.

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