Cable Fire Protection

Without doubt, some of the most dangerous and highly flammable materials in a workplace are Electrical Cables (sheaths). Whether on HV, MV or LV Electrical Cables, fire will spread along the surface of the cable to other areas of the facility; not only spreading fire and destruction, but lethal toxic gases produced by the burning cable.

For over 20 years we have been supplying the most up to date solutions to stop electrical cable fires.CharCoat CC, our FM Approved Intumescent Latex Cable Coating stops fire from spreading on the cable surface at the source and simultaneously increases the fire resistance of the Electrical Power, Control or Communication Cable (single, grouped or in tray) for:

The original function of CharCoat CC was to prevent flame propagation and stop the loss of assets through cable fires. Due to further investments and research in this technology, CharCoat CC has now achieved recognition through approved testing to not only Fire Rate Electrical Cables in cellulosic conditions, but also under more stringent 1100°C Hydrocarbon Fires:

  • 15 minutes under IEC 60331-11/23 (1100°C)

What Does This Mean?

Cables coated with CharCoat CC have continued integrity for up to 90 minutes in a Hydrocarbon based fire (1100°C). CharCoat CC can be applied in petrochemical facilities, offshore platforms, gas plants and chemical plants where hydrocarbons are present.

How Intumescent Coatings Function:

As an Intumescent Coating,CharCoat CC protects through Insulation, it expands under heat and form an insulating char (up to 700%) that continues to insulate and protect the cable under fire for a period of time. As CharCoat CC is an Intumescent Latex and 100% UV stable, it can be applied to exterior cables (salt water exposure testing to FM3971 / UV stability test completed 2016), it is perfect for full exterior application.

As UV is one of the most damaging rays to electrical cable sheaths, applying the CharCoat CC on exterior cable, this will also extend the lifetime of any cable without failure. Lifetime extension of the cable is paramount in facilities where re-cabling costs are sometimes financially crippling, but required. In coating the cables with CharCoat CC, facilities protect the sheath from damaging UV rays and can in most instance extend the lifetime of the cable up to 15 years.